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Plumbing Maintenance 


Protection Plan for Plumbing 

Protect your pipes with a plumbing maintenance plan.

There are a lot of different plumbing systems in your home, and each has its own unique challenges. The pros at Cochran Complete can tackle them all, handling leaks, clogs and other malfunctions quickly.

Our plan includes a detailed inspection for your water heater, as well as plumbing in your kitchen, bathroom and laundry room.

Don’t let problems with your plumbing get worse over time. You can trust our plumbers are some of the most thorough and experienced in the area. We’ll keep track of the smallest details from start to finish, leaving you with little else to worry about.


Protection Plumbing Plan

For only $120 annually, you’ll receive:

  • Flush out and 5-point inspection for your water heater (tank or tankless)

  • Aerator/shower head screen cleaning and 4-point bathroom plumbing inspection

  • 4-point kitchen plumbing inspection

  • 4-point laundry room plumbing inspection

  • 10% discount on repairs

  • Priority service calls as requested

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Plumber Fixing Sink
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