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Cochran Complete

Cochran Complete, formerly Cochran Cooling & Heating, now offers plumbing, electrical and general contractor services. Our customers already trusted us into their home for all their HVAC needs. And by popular demand, we decided to expand our services to provide them with the same professionalism and expertise of our HVAC business into plumbing, electrical and general contractor services. We wanted to be able to assist all of our customers needs to make their home or business more comfortable, with the comfort of one home service company to depend on.

We needed to come up with a new logo to continue our trusted heating and cooling service and introduce our new services at the same time. Throughout our rebranding process, we did not want to totally change what our current customers see and thought of our company. We are proud of the quality service and reputation we have established over the years and did not want to our trusted brand to be compromised. Since we added electrical, plumbing and general contracting services to our area of expertise, Cochran Complete's company vision has not wavered. However, we have changed. We changed in the sense of providing additional home service verticals under the umbrella of Cochran Cooling & Heating. So, Cochran Complete Services was created.

Along with our cooling and heating, we encourage you to trust us with all your plumbing, electrical and general contractor business. We are confident you will be pleased with all our new home services. Give us a call at 770-443-9000 or visit us on the web

Cochran Complete Services, New Look, New Name, Same Great Service.

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