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Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Is there anything worse in Georgia than coming home from a hard day at work, out in the sweltering heat and humidity, only to find that your AC won’t turn on?

With the summer’s temperatures reaching all-time highs, Cochran Complete wants to make sure your Air Conditioning System is working its best. If your AC won’t turn on, please don’t panic. There may a simple fix to help! When your air conditioning won't turn on, it doesn’t always mean that you need a professional technician to come out and help. You may be able to get your AC running on your own with these simple, at-home tips:

  • Check Your Thermostat:

The problem may just be a simple fix by checking your thermostat’s batteries. Are they dead or dying? If so, your thermostat isn’t getting the signal it needs to lower the temperature in your home. Replace the batteries with new, fresh batteries and then check the temperature you have set on the thermostat. Someone may have raised the temp and your AC won’t turn on as expected. If your thermostat is connected to Wi-fi, check your home’s Internet/Wi-fi that it has a proper signal and connected.

  • Change the Air Filter:

Just like with your vacuum cleaner, if your air filter is clogged, it won’t pull in enough air to work properly. Your AC can overheat and will eventually shut off. Check all of the air filters in your home and see if any are clogged. If they are dirty enough, a clogged air filter can restrict air flow to your AC. We recommend changing your air filter once every three months as regular maintenance and upkeep on your AC unit. This will help you avoid dust and debris build-up in your AC. This will also help to keep your air clean and breathable in your home!

  • Check the Circuit Breakers:

If your AC still won’t turn on after checking the thermostat batteries & Wi-Fi, and replacing the air filters, you may want to check your home’s circuit breaker. Find the circuit your AC is connected to in the panel and flip the switch for the AC, once. If the problem was a blown fuse, this should correct the problem and get power to the AC. Check again, to see if your AC has turned on and if fixing the blown fuse corrected the problem.

Unfortunately, these at-home fixes may not be enough to bring your AC back to life. If your AC still won’t turn on, give Cochran Complete a call. We’ve served the metro Atlanta, surrounding areas for over 22 years and we’re Dallas, Georgia’s largest Lennox Premier Dealer! We specialize in HVAC Repairs, Maintenance and Installations. We also provide indoor air quality services, and duct cleaning. Our professional technicians will thoroughly evaluate your system, diagnose the problem, and have your AC up and running again to withstand another hot and humid day in Georgia.


If your system is old or not working properly, and you're tired of sinking money into repairs, it may be time to replace your AC unit with a new, energy efficient system. If you're unsure if you need a repair or replacement, Cochran Complete offers FREE ESTIMATES and FREE SECOND OPINIONS! Right now, we’re offering specials on new, HVAC cooling systems!

Check out our SPECIALS page and take advantage of our low prices on new, energy efficient Cooling Systems:

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It’s All About Comfort with Cochran Complete!

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