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Updated: Oct 4, 2022

It won't be long and the Holidays will be here. Which means friends and family will be stopping by, and you'll want your home looking its best. Do you have any renovation projects you've been wanting to knock out, but they're too big to tackle on your own? Call Cochran Complete Contracting Services, where no renovation project is too big or too small. Our experts are available to take on the tougher home improvement jobs for you so you'll be ready for your Holiday entertaining.

It's not too late for Cochran Complete to help you with your remodeling project this year. We can help you with your Bathroom renovation – change out faucets, tile, fixtures and countertops. We can take care of your Kitchen Remodel with new countertops, cabinets, or even enlarge your kitchen space. Do you need more room for your guests and you’ve been thinking of enlarging and updating your basement area? We can help. If you’re thinking about home improvement, contact us at Cochran Complete to discuss your plans. Call at 770-443-9000 or message us today. We stand behind our work and we’d be pleased to offer you our advice and services.

Here are a few quick and easy ways to update your home on your own, just in time for the Holiday Season:


Try replacing fixtures around your home that look outdated and damaged. Your kitchen and bath will look refreshed and new with just a few, quick updates. Switch out your cabinet hardware in the kitchen and bath, and replace your shower curtain rods and rings.


Adding a new coat of paint to any room can give it a brand new look and feel without much effort. Touch up your wall trim, cabinets, and doors, or add a fresh new coat of paint to the front door/entryway. Nothing makes a great first impression like a newly-painted front door. Keep it simple and find paint colors that fit your home and style.


Take a look around each area of your house. Are your doorknobs and locks outdated or dull and damaged? Replacing them is a simple process and can give your home a whole new modern look.

Don't panic if you feel your home needs improving for this Holiday season. Cochran Complete Contracting Services is available now to help with all of your major and minor home-upgrades and repairs! If you’re thinking about home improvement, contact us to discuss your plans – 770-443-9000.

From planning to completion, Cochran Complete will help with your home improvement and remodeling projects. We’ll have your home ready for the holidays!


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