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Dog Days of Summer - Is Your HVAC System Ready?

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Spring is here, which means summer is not too far away. Will your home's HVAC System be ready to keep your family cool and comfortable in the upcoming Georgia heat?

Cochran Complete Services offers the following handy checklist to help you make sure your HVAC System is running properly and efficiently before the summer heat begins:

  1. Turn your AC Unit on and give it a test run! Make sure to pay attention to how often it runs and how much energy it uses. Your system could be broken and your ducts leaking. You wouldn't know this, until your first summer bill arrives and it could be three times higher than usual. If it is running more than usual, give Cochran Complete a call for a fast, affordable Home Maintenance Appointment to inspect your HVAC System.

  2. Replace the filters! Replacing the filters is a cost-effective way to prep your AC System for the summer. Cochran Complete recommends replacing your filters once a month. A clogged filter can decrease the life of your unit and make the system work harder than it needs to.

  3. Preventive Maintenance is key! Inspect your unit outside first, where the coolant lines connect to your house. If the insulation is cracked, peeling or missing, please call us and we can help get your system repaired and up and running the way it should be. It is also important to check your vents inside - make sure they are open and free of dust and clutter. We recommend an annual Heating and Air Tune-Up and Spring is the perfect time to do it.

Cochran Complete Services offers affordable and fast Maintenance from our team of professionals. We can help you extend the life of your HVAC System, lower your energy bills, and make sure your family stays cool and comfortable all summer long.

Call Cochran Complete Services and schedule an appointment today!


*Free Service Call on any repairs over $150

*$78 Tune-Up A/C Inspection

It's All About Comfort with Cochran Complete


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