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Do You Really Need Air Conditioning Maintenance?

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

It is hard to believe we are already entering the last weeks of May and headed towards the heat of the Georgia Summer. One of the questions we get a lot at Cochran Complete is, “Do I really need annual maintenance on my AC?”

And, the answer is, “yes!”

There are a few basic jobs you can do on your own to help maintain your AC System:

  • Regularly change your air filters

  • Keep the shrubbery trimmed surrounding your outside unit

When you're home, you can get a feel for how your AC is performing. Below are some early warning signs to look out for that may signal potential problems with your system:

  • Check for weird sounds you've never heard before.

  • Watch for hotspots in your house.

  • Listen to see if your air compressor is turning on and off multiple times per hour.

  • Check the vents around your house - does the airflow feel weak?

To keep your system running smoothly throughout the summer and avoid costly malfunctions, let one of Cochran Complete’s professional technicians inspect your AC motor, electrical connections, and moving parts. We offer complete Maintenance and Tune-Ups by inspecting and locating wear on the system that can lead to breakdowns. We will work on your system to clean and adjust what’s needed to further remove potential problems and help you avoid costly, emergency repair calls.

There are many benefits for your home in keeping up with your annual maintenance:

  • You’ll have an Air Conditioning System that will last longer

  • You’ll save money with a more energy-efficient System

  • Your family will enjoy a more reliable AC System with annual maintenance

  • Your budget will appreciate less repair costs

It isn’t too late to schedule your Air Conditioning System’s annual maintenance. Don’t wait until your system suffers a major operational failure during the hottest months of the year. Cochran Complete will help you enter the summer with confidence. We’re ready to inspect your system, today!




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