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Cold Weather is Just Around the Corner

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

It is hard to believe we're already into the Fall season, with cooler temps and winter waiting for us, just around the corner. It won’t be long before the pleasant, fall weather plunges overnight into frigid temperatures. And we all know what happens next when the temperature starts to dip - your family will be positioned in front of the thermostat, ready to crank up the heat in your home for a warm night's sleep.

Cochran Complete Services is available to make sure your home is toasty warm and comfortable for the upcoming winter. We're always here to help and assist in caring for your overall heating and air system. Our professionals will ensure that your home’s furnace and heating system is professionally maintained and ready for the colder months ahead. Cochran Complete Services offers an affordable, Fall Maintenance Tune-up, to give your system a complete once-over. One of our experienced technicians will inspect your overall system to include your thermostat, duct system, and check to make sure your heating system is safe and properly vented. Our maintenance service also includes cleaning and lubricating all moving parts, ensuring all gas and electric connections are as they should be, and one of our professionals will also check for any visible signs of damage or excess wear. Cochran Complete Services will have your heating system running at optimum performance and ready for the winter season!

Before you call on Cochran Complete, here are a few handy tips we would like to share to help keep your system running smoothly and efficiently:

  • Clean your vents regularly: Remove the vent cover and wipe down all surface debris as well as vacuuming the inside with a vacuum extension

  • Change the furnace filters each and every month

We also suggest calling us at Cochran Complete Services for a professional air duct cleaning which is always a great idea for a deeper cleaning of your home’s duct work system.

Cochran Complete Services is here for you during every season. Let us help you take care of your heating system for this upcoming 2020 Winter. Regular maintenance keeps quality performance up, keeps you comfortable, and helps keep your energy costs down.

We’re here for you when you need us!

It’s all about comfort with Cochran Complete Services.

Call us today!



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