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electrical services


maintenance replacement


Cochran Complete Services, is a licensed, reliable, experienced electrical company. We provide unparalleled quality, service, and attention to detail to our customers. Whether your project is large or small, finding the right electrician can be challenging. We are committed to exceeding your expectations and are uniquely qualified to provide you with unsurpassed service and attention to detail.

Whole Home Rewiring

Every electrical installation deteriorates to some extent throughout its life. Over time, even the best wiring in the world will experience some level of wear and tear. So, if it’s been decades since your home wiring was last replaced, now is a good time to consider rewiring your home.

Lighting & Ceiling
Fan Installation

Lighting your home is something you do on a daily-basis without giving it much consideration, but it takes properly installed systems to provide you those bright solutions. If you should need professional help lighting your living space or hanging fans effectively and efficiently, Cochran Complete Services is here to help.

Electrical Repair Services

No matter how big or small your electrical problem is, you can count on the electricians at Cochran Complete Services. When you need us most, your urgent repairs will be handled promptly, and we will have you back

on-line in no time.

Switch & Outlet Installation

Over time existing switches can deteriorate and become damaged just from frequent use.  When switches go bad, they need to be replaced by a qualified electrician. Cochran Complete Services offers skilled and kind electrical service technicians to address all your home’s electrical needs. 

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